Aneurin Coffey / Producer

Aneurin Coffey / Producer

Aneurin was appointed Sydney New Year's Eve Producer in 2011, having held the position of Production Manager since 2006, and has been associated with the event in various roles since 1998.

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Reg Mombassa / Creative Ambassador

Reg Mombassa / Creative Ambassador

Reg Mombassa is a founding member of pop-rock bands Mental as Anything and Dog Trumpet, and a distinctive artist, popularly known for his T-shirt and poster designs for Mambo. Reg has joined the Sydney New Year’s Eve team to help Sydney Shine even brighter as Creative Ambassador for 2013 Sydney New Year’s Eve.

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Fortunato Foti / Fireworks Director

Fortunato Foti / Fireworks Director

Fortunato is a seventh generation pyrotechnician and has been Fireworks Director for Sydney New Year's Eve for over 10 years. Fireworks have been a Foti family tradition since 1793 and 'Forch' has created award-winning fireworks displays around the world. He was chief pyrotechnics designer for the 2000 Summer Olympics opening and closing ceremonies in Sydney.

Catherine Flanagan

Associate Producer

Janet Eades

Production Manager

Kirsten McLeod

Business Operations Manager

Heath Campanaro

Director Imagination pty ltd

Kate Anderson

Senior Producer Imagination pty ltd

Lisa Taylor

Creative Director Experiential Imagination pty ltd

Adrian Goldthorp

Creative Director Marcomms Imagination pty ltd

Troy Graham

Senior Copywriter Imagination pty ltd

Davide Carbone

Musical Director Imagination pty ltd

Josh Abrahams

Musical Director Imagination pty ltd


Production Services

Chris Karstens
Production Coordinator
Dion Robinson
Observatory Hill Site Manager
Billy Cheeseman
Observatory Hill Assistant Site Manager
Jonny Bastin
Embarkation Park Site Manager
Katrina Douglas
Bicentennial Park Site Manager
Michael Berdon
Giba Park Site Manager
Doug O'Connor
Event Production Assistant
Steve Crossley
Event Production Assistant
Ben Redford

Technical Services

Blake Garner
Technical Coordinator
Cally Bartley
Technical Production Assistant

Harbour Services

Matilda Huie-Robbins
Harbour Coordinator
Rebecca Meyer
Harbour Operations Assistant
Penny Murden
White Bay Site Manager
Meredith Gray
Senior Harbour Production Assistant
Brendan Taylor
Harbour Production Assistant
Paul Matthews
Harbour Production Assistant
Nicole Eyles
Harbour Production Assistant

Operations and Logistics

Ian Smith
Operations Coordinator
Merv McCasker
Logistics Coordinator
Greg Davis
Logistics Crew Chief
Tamara Jarvis Wood
Accreditation Coordinator
Charles Coy
Operations Production Assistant 1
Elise Beggs
Operations Production Assistant 2
Nadine Scott
Logistics Production Assistant 1
George Manning
Logistics Production Assistant 2
Richard Parker
Logistics Production Assistant 3
Daniel Kay
Logistics Production Assistant 4
Pierre Huber
Logistics Production Assistant 5
Daniel Jones
Logistics Production Assistant 6

Macquarie Street Precinct

Gary Pedler
Precinct Coordinator
Justine Merrony
Precinct Assistant Coordinator
Chris Burn
Site Manager
Ben Lovelace
Assistant Site Manager
Lynn Bain
Production Assistant
Eliza Ocana
Production Assistant
Anthony Russell
Production Assistant
Lindsay Griffith
Production Assistant
Alison D'Costa
Production Assistant

Event Stage Management

Dave Hart
Event Stage Manager
Vicktor Petroff
Government Coordination Centre (GCC) Event Liaison
Laura Jamieson
Government Coordination Centre (GCC) Event Assistant


Kisane Marks
Broadcast Coordinator


Robert Gavin
Entertainment Coordinator

Lord Mayor’s Party

Danny Lander
Event Manager
Sara Holt
Stage Manager
Amy Forman
Deputy Stage Manager
Michael Prescott
Site Manager
Peter Kubow
Assistant Site Manager
Nate Frost
Night Site Manager
Emily Oades
Assistant Stage Manager
Ned Matthews
Assistant Stage Manager
Paul Najor
Assistant Stage Manager
Alison Wheeler
Assistant Stage Manager
Massimo Pakula
Production Assistant
Jamie Ravesteyn
Production Assistant
Emma Barbaro

Lord Mayor’s Picnic

Pip Madgwick
Event Manager
Frederick Michael
Services Coordinator
Meg Ebelt
Stage Manager
Ben Brockman
Assistant Stage Manager
Joella Ryland
Site Manager
Trevor Clark
Assistant Site Manager
Albert Chung
Food Coordinator
Juned Diwan
Food Assistant
Paul Carroll
Production Assistant
Jen McNeil
Production Assistant
Janabel Talens

Dawes Point Viewing Area

Sophia Habib
Event Manager
Allison Jeny
Stage Manager
William "Pitso" Pirie
Site Manager
Phil Sharp
Assistant Site Manager
Liz Astey
Production Assistant

Scenic Art

Jane Becker
Scenic Workshop Manager
Pip Playford
Lead Scenic Artist
Charlotte Brookes
Scenic Artist
Denie Pentecost
Scenic Artist
Lachlan McGuiness
Scenic Artist
Bart Groen
Scenic Artist
Gabrielle Smith
Scenic Artist
Sophie Hindes
Scenic Artist
Renee McClenahan
Scenic Artist

Creative team – Imagination Australia

Dein Perry
Performance Director
Mark Hammer
Lighting Director
Lars Wijers
3D Designer
Kimmi Ko
3D Designer
Nick Wright
2D Designer
Raj Kumar
Ben Weir
Script Writer
Louise Ryan
Design Manager
Belinda Aucott
PR Manager

Business, Operations and Administration

Dee Jones
Project Coordinator
Brodie Melrose
Administration Officer

City of Sydney

Clover Moore
Lord Mayor of Sydney
Monica Barone
Chief Executive Officer
Ann Hoban
Director City Life
Alex Bowen
Manager Culture and Creativity Programs

Business Administration

Sayan Paranthaman
Business Support Manager
Irene Charitou
Business Support Coordinator
Christine Jackson
Business Support Coordinator
Linda Tunnicliff
Project Officer

Business Development

Emma Rigney
Manager - Business Development & Sponsorship
Joann di Gesu
Business Development Account Manager
Helen Dolmas
Administrative Assistant


Kate Deacon
Marketing, Advertising and Design Manager
Emily Newman
Marketing Campaign Manager
Katrina de Jersey
Global City Marketing Manager
Karl Herger
Digital Marketing Specialist

Media and Communications

Martin Wallace
Media and Communications Manager
Jodie Minus
Senior Media Adviser
Keeley Irvin
Senior Media Adviser
Olivia Kadir
Media Intern

Web Team

Tim Ettle
Digital Producer
Carlo Silva
Website Designer, Front-end and Back-end Developer
David Skelton
Front-end and Back-end Developer
Shizhen Wang
Back-end Developer
Kristof Kowalski
Systems Administrator