Plan your NYE

What you need to know

More than a million people will be making their way into the city and surrounds to grab a prime position for the celebrations. A little organisation can go a long way for a night to remember.
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Vantage points

Great views of the fireworks at these locations. While many vantage points are free, you may have a better experience if you book tickets to a paid vantage point.

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Public transport

More than 1,000 extra trains and 3,500 extra buses will run. Public transport stops may have moved and you won’t be able to walk on some roads.

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Road closures

Major roads in the city start closing from 2pm. You won’t be able to leave a car park until roads open again.

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Free and ticketed events

Choose from a range of free vantage points and ticketed Sydney New Year's Eve parties to celebrate.

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Setting sail and dropping your anchor somewhere in the harbour can be a fun way to experience the night. Read what you need to know if you’re planning to be on a boat.

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