Reg Mombassa, Creative Ambassador 2013 Sydney New Year's Eve

We are absolutely thrilled to announce Reg Mombassa, as our Creative Ambassador for 2013 Sydney New Year’s Eve.

Hello Sydney.

It was a great honour to be named as the Creative Ambassador for 2013 Sydney New Years Eve, where the theme for this year’s celebration is Shine.

Gumscape with City

Gumscape with Animals and Spacecraft

Gumscape with stars and plaents

Gumscape with creatures

I was immediately impressed by the beauty of the harbour and its environs when I sailed through the heads on a sunny morning in 1969 and Sydney has been my home since that time.

The eye struck me as a suitable logo for the Shine theme as the individual soul and personality of the human shines through the eye like some organic laser beam.  It also relates to the harbour setting as the eye is a watery harbour nestled in the superstructure of the face, a blue or brown eye pond surrounded by ridgelines, gullies and promontories of flesh and bone. The eye image is continued through the banners and backdrops for the various parties along with a forest of gum trunks, native animals and depictions of iconic Sydney buildings.

The Sydney NYE party is an opportunity for people from all walks of life to enjoy the company of their fellow citizens as they celebrate the coming year in the heart of their beautiful city, a city that is dressed up to the nines and miraculously free of vehicles for the duration of the occasion.

I will be working with some of Australia’s finest creative talents over the coming months to bring to life and decorate a unique and joyous evening at the close of the year.

I invite everyone to join the celebrations and observe our city shining as never before.


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Reg Mombassa

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