Locations on Sydney New Year's Eve 2018

  • Customs House forecourt, near info kiosk
  • Corner Reiby Place and Loftus Street, on pavement facing kiosk
  • Macquarie Place Park, beside canon
  • Macquarie Place Park, behind the info kiosk
  • Wynyard Park, near the dome facing York Street
  • Martin Place, near the water fountain on Pitt Street
  • Martin Place, east of the train station entry
  • Martin Place, near Macquarie Street
  • Northern end of Pitt Street Mall, near Sydney Arcade
  • Pitt Street Mall, under the Myer footbridge
  • Hyde Park north, north of the Archibald Fountain
  • Hyde Park north, on hardstand south of train station
  • Bicentennial Park, near the gazebo shelter area

Map (PDF 4 MB)