Exclusion Zone

In the interest of public safety, an Exclusion Zone – marked by lit yellow buoys – will extend from Cockatoo Island in the west to Clarke Island in the east. The Exclusion Zone will be activated from 8pm on Sydney New Year’s Eve until approximately 12.45am on New Year’s Day. No unauthorised traffic will be allowed inside the Exclusion Zone.

The Exclusion Zone will remain active for about 45 minutes after the end of the Midnight Fireworks to ensure the safety clearance of the fireworks barges. When the exclusion zone is lifted it will be announced on VHF17 and on the projections on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylons.

A maximum 6-knot no-wash speed limit will be in force between Cockatoo Island and Steele Point from 3pm 31 December 2014 to 2am 1 January 2015.

If you need to move your vessel because of an emergency, alert the operator of one of the on-water control vessels: NSW RMS, NSW Water Police or Marine Rescue NSW.

With so many small and large vessels in the dark, it’s important skippers use appropriate navigation lights for the safety of their craft and passengers.


Spectator vantage points on Sydney Harbour

Both sides of Sydney Harbour Bridge provide ample opportunity for on-water spectators.

Recommended areas include:

• North-west of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Clarkes Point, Manns Point, Balls Head, Berrys Bay, Lavender Bay.

• South-west of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Mort Bay, Ballast Point.

• North-east of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Neutral Bay, Shell Cove, Mosman Bay, Athol Bay.

• South-east of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Farm Cove, Woolloomooloo, Rushcutters Bay, Double Bay, Rose Bay.

Advice to spectators on Sydney Harbour

  • Make it a safe night. Don’t take glass, know your limits, and look after each other.
  • Maximum 6-knot no-wash in force between 3pm 31 December 2014 and 2am 1 January 2015.
  • Move into position early, preferably well before sunset, as popular spots such as Farm Cove fill quickly.
  • Do not arrive late and try to push in between anchored vessels and the buoy line. It’s unsafe and you will be moved.
  • Exclusion Zone in operation from 8pm 31 December 2014 to 12.45am 1 January 2015. Collapse of the Exclusion Zone will be announced by Maritime Control on VHF channel 17.
  • No traffic under Sydney Harbour Bridge from 8pm 31 December 2014 to 12.45am 1 January 2015 except for approved commercial vessels at 10pm.
  • Remember, be bright – think safety at night. Use your navigation lights.
  • Do not use flood/spot lights at a height. These lights destroy the night vision of other skippers.
  • Anchor clear of the Exclusion Zone buoys. Dragging anchor will not be tolerated. Do not allow your vessel to lie over the boundary line.
  • Only vessels less than 15 metres in length may use Farm Cove.
  • Allow small craft to position themselves at the Exclusion Zone boundary.
  • When dropping anchor, keep 200 metres clear of submarine cables or pipelines.
  • Rafting up will be permitted, but securing to the shore will not.
  • Keep under the 0.05 alcohol limit if you are the master of the vessel.
  • Don’t set off flares for fun. It is dangerous and illegal.
  • The transfer/loading of alcohol or glass to boats will not be permitted via Man O’ War jetty, Farm Cove Precinct, Yarranabbee Park and Darling Point Park (McKell Park) wharves.
  • Use of Man O’ War Jetty (Farm Cove) up to 11.00am and wharves in the Circular Quay precinct are subject to approval from RMS. Unless authorised, there is no access to Man O’ War Jetty and Eastern Pontoon from 11.00am on 31 December 2014 until 6am 1 January 2015.
  • Harbour Masters and Commissioners Steps close at 6pm, reopening at 1am.
  • Families wishing to travel west under the Sydney Harbour Bridge after the 9PM Family Fireworks should contact the nearest NSW RMS Boating Safety Officer. Call VHF 17 or Telephone 02 9563 8542 on the night or ask a harbour volunteer.
  • Download the Sydney Summer Aquatic Events Guide

Public Wharf Closure Times

Campbell’s Cove from 17:00 till 06:00
Commissioners Steps from 17:00 till 06:00
Eastern Pontoon from 11:00 till 06:00
Eastern Pontoon North from 11:00 till 06:00
Eastern Pontoon South from 11:00 till 06:00
Harbour Masters from 17:00 till 06:00
Ives Steps from 19:30 till 00:45
Man O War East from 11:00 till 06:00
Man O War West from 11:00 till 06:00
Pier 26 from 08:00 till 02:00
Town Place East from 19:30 till 00:45
Town Place West from 19:30 till 00:45