Public transport

All aboard for NYE

Your best bet for travelling to the celebrations.

Public transport is the go for New Year’s Eve. With thousands of extra services on the night, catching a bus, train, ferry or light rail is a no-brainer.

Visit Transport Info to plan your trip closer to the date with up-to-date information. You can also use one of the many real-time apps to track your service.

Very large crowds are expected, so if you’re travelling into the city, make a plan and arrive early.

You’ll need to purchase an Opal card to board your service. This travel smartcard has replaced paper tickets. Visit Transport Info for details.

More public transport details will be provided as soon as they’re available.

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8 top tips for public transport

Bus stops will change
Circular Quay services may begin and end at Martin Place. Temporary bus stops will be in place throughout the city.
There will be extra services on the night
Extra trains and buses will run to make sure you arrive at your destination with ease.
Some train stations may have different entry and exit points
Prepare to walk a little further. There will be crowds in the city.
Circular Quay station will operate a little differently
Trains will not stop at Circular Quay from 6pm to 1am. All other city train stations will be open. You can walk to the harbour foreshore from Wynyard, St James or Martin Place.
So will Milson Point station
You won’t be able to get on a city-bound train at Milsons Point from 6pm to midnight. Please get off at North Sydney and walk to Milsons Point.
Ferries won’t run during the fireworks
Some routes will stop operating from late afternoon. Ferries are a very popular option. Have a back-up plan and consider taking the train or bus.
Travelling home later is a good option
Stay out past your bedtime and have a smoother journey home? Win. Leaving a little later will help you avoid the crowds, but make sure you plan your journey.
Get real-time info on social media and the app store
Follow Transport Info on Facebook or Twitter for up-to-the-minute information on the night, and stay connected with a real-time transport app.