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For New Year’s Eve media enquiries:

Belinda Wallis
NYE Senior Media Advisor
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Media accreditation

The 2018 Sydney New Year’s Eve TV broadcast partner is the ABC and the official radio partner is KIIS 1065.

The City of Sydney can provide images and a video feed but, as with previous years, no access or accreditation will be arranged for other media.

Media organisations will need to make their own arrangements with the land owner of the vantage point from which they wish to film.

Find out more about fireworks vantage points and their relevant land owners.

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Media releases

  • All eyes on Sydney’s spectacular welcome to 2019
    Sydney Harbour has once again played host to the biggest and best New Year’s Eve fireworks display, with more than one billion people around the globe tuning in last night to watch Sydney welcome 2019.
    1 January 2019
  • 万众瞩目悉尼跨年狂欢迎来2019

    1 January 2019
  • Sydney’s spectacular start to New Year
    Spectacular fireworks and pyrotechnics welcomed in New Year in Sydney like never before.
    1 January 2019
  • 悉尼用万种斑斓向新年问好

    1 January 2019
  • Sydney sparkles for family fireworks
    Sydney Harbour sparkled during a dramatic eight minute display of vibrant colours for the 9pm New Year’s Eve family fireworks.
    31 December 2018
  • 家庭烟花表演为悉尼挥洒璀璨花火
    全长8分钟的悉尼跨年庆典家庭烟花表演(New Year’s Eve family fireworks)在今晚9点用鲜艳的色彩为悉尼海港挥洒跳跃奔腾的花火。

    31 December 2018
  • Lighting bridge for NYE like climbing Everest
    Sydney Harbour will light up like never before this New Year’s Eve, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge lit shore to shore until 1am for the first time.
    31 December 2018
  • 悉尼跨年庆典彩光特效攀上珠穆巅峰
    今夜,悉尼海港大桥的彩光将再创历史 – 首次通体连接南北两岸,彻夜通明直至凌晨1点,让海港的灿烂空前璀璨、持久。

    31 December 2018
  • Silver and gold for the Queen of Soul
    Sydney New Year’s Eve will pay tribute to the late, great Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin during this year’s midnight fireworks display.
    29 December 2018
  • 悉尼跨年庆典向已故灵魂歌后致敬
    悉尼跨年庆典将在今年的午夜烟花汇演中向已故”灵魂歌后(Queen of Soul)” 艾瑞莎·弗兰克林(Aretha Franklin)致以崇高敬意。

    29 December 2018
  • Sydney sets pulses racing with Aretha tribute
    A tribute to the late great Aretha Franklin with never before seen firework effects will light up the skies this New Year’s Eve as Sydney celebrates with a world-beating pyrotechnic display.
    28 December 2018
  • 悉尼用跨年脉动致敬灵魂歌后艾瑞莎∙弗兰克林
    万众瞩目的悉尼跨年烟花表演将为著名已故流行乐歌唱家艾瑞莎∙弗兰克林(Aretha Franklin)奉献绝伦的烟花设计,壮美的星雨璀璨天际,以示敬意。

    28 December 2018
  • Old welcome heralds New Year of recognition
    Sydney’s iconic New Year’s Eve celebrations will see an age-old Aboriginal tradition of Calling Country that will welcome the International Year of Indigenous languages in 2019.
    6 December 2018
  • 悉尼跨年庆典用传统仪式向土著民族送上新年敬意
    悉尼标志性跨年庆典将通过一部名为《土地的召唤(Calling Country)》的仪式性动画作品迎接2019年土著语言国际年(International Year of Indigenous languages),彰显澳大利亚土著民族的渊远文明和传统。

    6 December 2018
  • A great Aussie welcome for 2019
    Sydney Harbour will come to life on New Year’s Eve with a five-minute mini-movie animation inspired by the Aussie music anthem, ‘Great Southern Land’.
    4 December 2018
  • 悉尼跨年庆典用澳式礼仪迎接2019年
    跨年庆典依据澳大利亚本土老牌乐队Icehouse经典歌曲《伟大的南大陆(Great Southern Land)》新创5分钟同名动画短片,将为悉尼海港的脉动注入幻彩活力

    4 December 2018