Numerous sailing boats moored at a marina on Sydney Harbour.

Exclusion zone

An exclusion zone will be in place between Cockatoo Island and Bradleys Head. An additional exclusion zone will also be in place east of Cockatoo Island.These have changed from 2021. No unauthorised traffic will be allowed inside these zones marked by yellow-lit buoys.

A 6 knot minimum wash speed limit applies from 3pm on New Year’s Eve until 2am on New Year’s Day.

Safety messages will be broadcast on marine radio band 27.88 and VHF channels 17 and 13. In an emergency, call 000 (triple zero).

Wharf and foreshore access

  • Around many wharves, roads are closed, no glass is permitted and alcohol-free zones apply.
  • Vessels will be able to access Taronga Zoo wharf to pick up and drop passengers. They must keep out of the way of ferries and obey authorised officers and security.

  • No foreshore access between Taronga Zoo ferry wharf and Taylors Bay around Bradleys Head National Park.

  • No foreshore access to Pirrama Park at Pyrmont. Vessels can still use Elizabeth MacArthur public pontoon.

  • Campbells Cove, Harbour Master’s Steps and Commissioners Steps close at 4pm.

  • Beluah Street and Jeffrey St wharves close at 8am.

  • Eastern Pontoon and McMahons Point wharves close at 3pm.

  • Milsons Point closes at 3pm.

Points to remember

  • Move into position well before sunset as popular spots fill up quickly.
  • Vessels over 15m are not permitted in Farm Cove.

Recommended vantage points

  • North-west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    Clarkes Point, Balls Head, Berrys Bay, Lavender Bay.
  • South-west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    Mort Bay, Ballast Point, Snails Bay.
  • North-east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    Neutral Bay, Shell Cove, Mosman Bay, Athol Bay.
  • South-east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    Farm Cove, Woolloomooloo Bay, Rushcutters Bay, Double Bay, Rose Bay.

Visit Roads and Maritime Services for more boating information.